How Chiropractors Correct Sciatica

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Sciatic pain starts in the lower back and shoots down the Sciatic nerve. This cluster of nerves, known as the Sciatic nerve, travels through your lower back, pelvis, buttocks, thigh, leg, & foot. This cluster of nerves is actually made up of 5 separate nerves. This is the reason pain can be felt in different areas of the afore mentioned areas.



Spinal nerves

The cause of this pain is usually a disc in your lower back that has bulged beyond its borders. This expansion of the disc causes pressure on the one of the Sciatic nerves. The part of the nerve it compresses is called a nerve root. This nerve root is where the nerve first branches off from your spinal cord, still within your spine. The Root is very sensitive and this causes the moderate to severe pain, tingling/numbness experienced into the buttocks, thigh, leg & foot.

Graphic that says "Spinal Decompression is more effective than surgery"

Correction of Sciatica

To fix this problem initially & permanently the disc has to be returned to its original position. To do this, the spinal disc must be pulled back into the spine. This is done by producing a negative pressure within the disc. Non Surgical Spinal Decompression accomplishes this negative pressure. The spine is stretched causing the tissue in the disc to shrink. This pulls the disc back into the spine, thus relieving your pain.

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