Spinal & Extremity Adjusting

Dr. Elliott uses many varied types of spinal & extremity adjusting. He adjusts each patient the way that best fits your individual needs. Some people respond best to light adjusting or even instrument assisted. Others respond better to moderate to firm adjusting. Decompressive adjusting is the most aggressive. Dr. Elliott combines Palmer (where he went to college) adjusting techniques with many other techniques to get you the best results for your individual problem.

Some adjusting techniques used by Dr. Elliott-
-Arthrostim (instrument)
-Axial Decompression
-Fascial Release

What do chiropractic adjustments help?
Spinal alignment is the center of Chiropractic. Your spine & nervous system is the computer and information pathway that controls your bodily function. If your nerve system is allowed to fully transmit all information coming from your brain your body will function maximally. Optimal health & increased physical ability is the result.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to-
-Reduce neck & back pain
-Reduce headaches & migraine
-Increase Joint mobility
-Improve physical performance
-Decrease Chronic pain
-Reduce need for pain meds
-Help pregnant patients with discomfort
-Help children

And much more!