New Patients

Step 1.

On your first visit Dr. Elliott will sit down with you & go through the history of your problem.

Step. 2

Examine your body thoroughly & precisely. Postural distortions, nerve impingements, spine weaknesses, restricted joints, traumatized areas, etc

Step 3.

Digital X-ray your spine to see your true posture, health of your spine and any pathologies.

Step 4.

 Then Dr Elliott will sit down with you and go over all findings.

  • X-ray viewing
  • What is causing your specific problem. Is it …..  Spinal Disc, joint, nerve, postural, muscle, combination, traumatic cause, organ referral, something more severe?
  • Is it correctable?


Elliott Chiropractic makes care affordable for everyone. No matter what your financial situation we will create a plan specifically for you.