Senior Chiropractic

Natural and effective.

Dr. Elliott has worked on many types of patients. While a Doctor at Summit Medical Center in Nashville, he treated and worked within the system to get patients the care they needed. Not all patients are the same and advanced age patients require a certain knowledge & skill set. Many of these patients have old injuries, chronic conditions and need a thorough/ patient approach. Any spinal adjusting is started very light & can be increased as the body allows.

Is senior chiropractic safe?

The answer is YES! Chiropractors obtain special training to meet the needs of advanced age patients. Upon coming to Elliott Chiropractic a questionnaire will be filled out asking targeted questions about your history & current condition. This along with a comprehensive exam and (if needed) imaging to give you the best care possible. Many Advanced age individuals are not aware of the benefits of Chiropractic care. Below are a list of 8 benefits.

Common senior chiropractic treatments

-Spinal Decompression (Non-surgical)
-Muscle Stimulation w/Heat
-Instrument adjusting (Orthostim)
-Postural Corrective Exercise
-Nutritional Supplementation
-Light Spinal & Extremity adjusting

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