Why Do Chiropractors Use Drop Tables?

Chiropractors use drop table for many different reasons and added benefits, so let’s check a few out!

More Gentle Adjustments

Some patients cannot tolerate more aggressive adjusting in the beginning. Painful conditions require that some of the pain be reduced. This avoids irritating the condition further and causing more muscle spasm. When the muscles around your spine are continuously contracted, this cascades into more pain then more contracting.

Less Aggressive Adjustments

Some patient cannot tolerate manual (more aggressive) spinal adjusting. Their condition doesn’t allow for full motion within the joint due to past injury or chronically arthritic joints.


Outline of spine on back

Drop Tables Help With More Aggressive Adjustments

To assist with Manual (more aggressive) adjusting. Using both can, at times, give better results because you are using the benefits of both. Manual adjusting followed by the drop table will allow the patient to relax prior to full range spinal adjusting.

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