What Causes Spinal Vertebrae to Become Out of Place or Misaligned

Woman holding lower back in pain

Spinal misalignment can start from birth. Many of us were pulled out by forceps or delivered via C Section. Pulled out with not much support around our neck and back, causing stretching and trauma to our spine.

Falls when we were very young can also cause injury to our spines. These traumas strain & sprain our ligaments and muscles. Your body then heals these areas the best it can but leaving misalignments most of the time. We continue to grow but grow around the injury.

Baby falling over


During our teen years, we sometimes play sports. Football, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc. often results in trauma, even if mild. Falling from the top of a cheer pyramid, doing a back flip, and landing on your head, are usually overlooked, especially when young. When we are young, we heal quickly so not to much is thought about the trauma. Later in life, these injuries are still there to different degrees.

Cheerleader being dropped by team

Later in life many spinal misalignments are due to chronic bad posture:

  1. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end.
  2. Working at a job where you bend and twist in the same direction for many hours.
  3. Sitting at a chair for hours at a time not using your spinal muscles thus losing there

Bad posture at desk

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