How Chiropractic Relieves Headaches

Girl holding head from headache

Headaches are most often caused by stress and compression from the neck is the #1 culprit. Compression happens when the nerves that exit your neck, especially in the upper part, get pinched or irritated. Once this happens, pain is eventually felt in your head!


Man holding the back of his neck in pain

Experiencing this stress as pain, your body lets you know there’s some type of problem. Just like a light that’s flashing on your car’s dashboard, you know there is something not functioning properly. You might not know what’s exactly wrong, but your body is trying to tell you through this pain.

Graphic of nerves to the head

Headache Relief

At Elliott Chiropractic, we correct the origin of the problem and help restore balance to the neck. This issue is found in 1 of 3 areas, or possibly even all 3!

  1. The joints & structure of the neck: This problem is found through Digital X ray’s. Once analyzed, the problematic structure is corrected through mirror image spinal adjusting.
  2. The muscle around the spine & neck: The muscles are tested for proper contraction & stability. If a muscle is found to be malfunctioning, custom exercises and/or muscle release therapy will correct the issue.
  3. The ligaments that stabilize your spine: These tough and long tissues give strong support to your entire spine. If these tissues a found to be faulty, they are corrected via spinal molding. This procedure gradually returns your spine’s stabilization.

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