Chiropractic Help for Knee Pain

Chiropractor helping knee adjustment

Much like the alignment on your car, the joints of your body must be aligned. If your cars frame is bent then you start to see wear & tear. The tires will show wearing on the inner or outer side. Just like your car, your body will start to wear at the knees along with other joints. Enough wear will eventually cause pain. When your frame is altered this may also show up as hip, foot, back and neck pain. Gone on long enough, you may need surgery. Total knee replacement, spinal disc surgery, hip replacement & neck surgery are also other possibilities if wear & tear is extensive.


Graphic showing misalignment

A standing digital x ray will show where your specific imbalances are located. Once an accurate analysis is done, you will need to address 3 areas of the body to correct and maintain your new balanced spine.

Mirror Image Spinal Adjusting

Taking your initial x rays and adjusting the joints of your body back to neutral balance.


Graphic showing misalignment

Postural Muscle Activation & Memory

Your postural muscles must be active in order for your spine to function properly. This is done through examining what muscles are active and which ones are not. Custom exercises are prescribed and monitored by your doctor so you get the best result.

Spinal Molding

This takes into account your posture & the ligaments that hold your spine together. These three foot long stabilizers of the spine get either stretched or contracted. The problem areas are examined and custom spinal molding foam supports are prescribed.


By addressing your spine, muscles & ligaments a life long correction is made. As long as you are willing to do a little work, a lot of pain in your life will probably be avoided.

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