What We Do

Wellness Care

Your body is miraculous. Your brain has 10,000 miles per square inch of nerves. Nerves travel up to 270 mph. Your heart beats on time your entire life without you thinking about it.

Your immune system builds cells specifically to destroy every intruder in encounters. If your body is functioning as it should many ailments do not occur.


How We Can Help You

Lenoir City, TN Chiropractic Care

Elliott Chiropractic provides advanced chiropractic care to people in Lenoir City and surrounding areas. If you’re experiencing discomfort in your back or neck then come see us. Whether you have chronic pain or have recently been injured our knowledgeable staff can help. We’ll customize a care plan for you and get you feeling your best in record time.

What Our Patients Say:

Extremely friendly and always helpful! Went in with some major pain, but Dr Elliott had me feeling great in no time! The staff is great and very engaging. Highly recommend!
Chris P.
After hockey games & training, my teenage daughter frequently finds MUCH relief and improved mobility from Dr. Elliott. The staff members are very friendly & helpful. Also, on my first visit, I could barely move or breathe. Dr. Elliott listened and did a thorough assessment. By the 3rd visit, the pain had lessened to mild discomfort. I experienced full recovery in minimal time!
Wendy M.
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